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What is a Wrap Account and why are they so Awesome?

A wrap account is a centralised investment account offered by financial institutions or investment firms. It allows you to consolidate your various investment holdings, including shares, managed funds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), and term deposits, into a single platform. The benefits of using wrap accounts are significant.  


Firstly, they offer diversification across different asset classes and geographic regions, facilitated by 

access to a wide range of investment options. Additionally, wrap accounts can provide professional investment management services, reporting and customisation, which can help you construct tailored portfolios. 


While these features can be useful for many investors, the platforms generally cost a little more than other investment options such as a share broker and the features may not be valuable for all investors. The tax effectiveness of superannuation wrap accounts cannot be understated. 


Overall, wrap accounts can offer you a convenient, customisable, and efficient way to manage your investments while giving you access to professional expertise and diversification opportunities.  


Please discuss the appropriateness of using a wrap account with me. 

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