Here for the Long Haul

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

If you read the media headlines, you'll read that thousands of financial advisers have left the profession. Their reason? Over-regulation, increasing costs, loss of income, increased education standards, increased complexity, monumental compliance burden and ongoing negative sentiment headwinds from the wider public and media. I won’t for a moment sugar coat the facts. Now is a very difficult time for the financial planning profession.

Sadly, there are stories of advisers who have taken their own lives, of those that have lost their homes, their livelihood's and families; at the same time of their career, many others would consider thinking of retirement or going back to university or a change of career. Indeed, the profession is hurting very badly.

Call me crazy or simply plain dumb for choosing this path however I believe the outcome will result in something better for me and all my clients. So as for me, I’m not quitting. In fact, I’m very excited and looking forward to sticking around. Around for a very long time and here is why:

I’m no dinosaur.

I’m 51, not 67 and even if I was ever eligible for the age pension, it’s still a very long way away! And between now and then I’m extremely confident the government will again extend the age to an even later access age. I’m young enough to adapt and my combined experience and education support my growth. Furthermore, I really enjoy helping my clients achieve and celebrate their major milestones, financial and personal.

It’s my calling

Yep! It’s my purpose or my “why”… Learning about money, helping others become better with their money and doing this over and over together and archiving our bigger goals and dreams i.e. making a difference, It’s who I am, it is my every breath and every heartbeat. This "helping others and learning more" is what I look forward to doing each and every day and have done so since I decided to become a financial adviser.

Fact #1 Life always gets harder.

In life, I’ve learnt that success is simple, but not easy. You simply need to know specifically what you want, know-how will cost and people will pay for it. There will always be a need for financial advice, and I am the man prepared to deliver it.

Complexity & Trust

Information overload, also known as infobesity, infoxication, information anxiety are unintended consequence of more choice and seek self-direction regarding decisions. The good news is we all have greater speed and access to information, the bad news is we don’t know who to trust. The truth is since the measurement of time was invented, we have never had more time and we never will have more time.

The boss.

Being your own boss means you get to work as much or as little as you choose, and I choose to work. I love my clients, and it’s my guess they probably feel the same love I do! I talk about how I am making a real difference to the lives of my clients and I look forward to continuing on the long haul!

Stu Varidel and Your Choice Financial Planning Pty Ltd trading as Heart Financial Advisers are authorised representatives of Sentry Financial Services Pty Ltd.

Stu Varidel and Your Choice Financial Planning Pty Ltd trading as Heart Financial Advisers are authorised representatives of Sentry Financial Services Pty Ltd.

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