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Dealing with Financial Stress

Financial stress can take a significant impact on us. It can drain our energy, kill our self-confidence and play havoc with our emotions.

For most of us, familiarity with all these emotions at one stage or another in our lives is very common.

Dealing with financial challenges are made more damaging when you are hampered by inner struggles.

More broadly, at some stage in our lives, most of us find we are faced with an inner struggle: with anxiety, stress, sense of being overwhelmed, procrastination, loss of confidence to name a few. This is on top of the normal stresses that life’s challenges are throwing at us.

We are able to sort these problems out. While it might take time, we’re normally able to work them through.

Unfortunately, at other times, these inner struggles seem persistent, and they keep arising time and time again in different, but related, situations no matter what we do.

Our emotions can overwhelm us, causing us to have a disproportionate response to the situation that we find ourselves in – something gets triggered with us.

Rather than this occurring and being triggered at particular times, it can be more continuous, so we feel as if we are perpetually internally struggling with ourselves, feeling as if we are under threat, when, in fact, we are actually perfectly safe. It’s like we have an alarm chronically warning us of something, but we don’t know what it is, and the alarm is stuck!

Financial problems can trigger this, which at a profound level represents a threat to our survival. Our inner struggles make these problems worse and also make it harder for us to address them in a rational and constructive manner.

When we have trouble moving forward. Our “fight or flight” response kicks in, pumping adrenaline through our veins, tensing our muscles so that we are prepared to deal with the challenge. But there is no challenge to immediately be met, and so there’s nowhere for these feelings and this response to go.

We can find that we can easily become overwhelming, we lose confidence, and we start to procrastinate because we’re not sure what to. This can lead to exhaustion and burnt out, especially as we search over and over for solutions that always seem to evade us.

Solutions are hard to come by when we’re in a “downward spiral’” of worry. We are at our best when we’re in are set with high positive mindset and feeling good, capable and strong.

Rarely we are able to successfully figure out why we’re feeling like this way, why we’re having these inner struggles, and by understanding the cause of the problem, we move on to resolution.

Problem is the answers that we come up with are not the correct ones. That’s because the deeper problems underlying these inner conflicts are not conscious-mind problems but instead, are unconscious-mind problems.

Just as a headache, raised temperature etc are merely symptoms of the flu rather than the bug itself, the stress, overwhelm, anxiety, procrastination, self-confidence issues etc that you might experience are symptoms of the underlying cause of your inner struggles, not the underlying issues.

These symptoms can arise when unconscious programming that we have taken onboard many years ago, frequently during childhood, echoes back in our unconscious mind causing us to react inappropriately and suffer needlessly.

This childhood unconscious programming is triggering us, all these years later.

This why seeking outsourced professional advice can be a game changer. Without the emotion and stress, we can help bring clarify to your situation and help come up the best solutions. So, instead of stressing give us a call!

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