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5G Advice – The roles an Adviser plays

Providing financial advice is multi-dimensional and often complex in assisting and supporting you. It is not always about cost and return according to Heart Financial Advisers Principal Adviser Stu Varidel ...

Advice is about relationships forged on trust and integrity. There are several roles an adviser plays in delivering advice to you.

The 5Gs of advice:

  1. Guardian - as a keeper or protector who looks after your welfare, and ensures you achieve your path to financial success.

  2. Gladiator - advocate on your behalf when dealing with more serious or time-consuming issues such as problem-solving an issue with a product provider, dealing with an insurance claim, or providing strategic tax advice.

  3. Guru - act as an expert and a voice of reason, which includes providing financial knowledge, education, and experience to you and imparting the objective wisdom gathered during their professional careers.

  4. Guide - helps manage and supports you in the emotional & and psychological burden of decision-making when you may be overwhelmed by your personal situation and financial affairs.

  5. Guarantor – Provider of assurance that you will be able to fulfil your dreams and aspirations.

The benefit for those under advice is clear and according to recent research from Russell Investments, Aussies are 5.9% better off financially as well. The added value of an adviser is calculated using behavioural coaching is worth 3.4 per cent, appropriate asset allocation equals 1.2 per cent, tax-savvy planning and investing is 1.3 per cent, choices and trade-offs are variable whilst an adviser’s years of professional expertise is considered priceless.

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