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For the love of coffee

Australia is a dinky di nation of coffee lovers, with our thriving cuppa joe culture supported by the 75 per cent of Australians who drink at least one cup a day. It is said that the late, great British food critic AA Gill once called Australians “the great new coffee bores of the world” – and he might just be right if a scroll through the average Instagram feed is any indication. We take our coffee drinking and its documentation very seriously! Here are some interesting facts about one of our favourite brews.

  • 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily around the world.

  • The most popular coffee in Australia is the cappuccino. In Italy, where the cappuccino originated, it is considered poor etiquette to drink the breakfast beverage past 11am.

  • The word coffee comes from the Arabic for “wine of the bean”.

  • After petroleum, coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded commodity.

  • Espresso is regulated by the Italian government, because it is considered such an important part of the Italian lifestyle.

  • Coffee beans aren’t actually beans, they are fruit pits/seeds.

  • Finland is the largest drinker of coffee in the world, with 12kg consumed per person per year.

  • Brazil is the world’s leading producer of coffee, providing one third of the world’s coffee

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