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Up Close and Personal

Small things come in good packages – especially if you’re looking for a lender with a personal touch.

Yes, there are times when size matters. A pay rise, lotto wins, your tax refund – there’s no argument here that these things are best on a grand scale. But when it comes to your next home loan, it will pay to look at a smaller bank.

Sure, it may be easier to approach one of the big banks for your next home loan – more so if you already have a regular transaction account with one of them. But stop for a moment and think. When was the last time you heard from your current bank? Are you enjoying truly personal service or are you just a number? That’s where smaller banks offer a real difference.

There are lots of small lenders who want to get to know the real you. It means they can give you a positive lending experience and the tailored service you deserve. The reality is also: Smaller bank = Big savings. Take this example:

“A home loan with Commonwealth Bank on their discounted standard variable rate of 5.30% for $300K will cost you $299,729 in interest over a 30 year priod

versus the same loan with a smaller lender at 3.69% will cost $196,495. This is a saving of a massive $103,234!”

The benefits of a smaller bank go beyond great service. With none of the costs associated with a large branch network, smaller lenders can afford to offer highly competitive rates without scrimping on loan features. It’s a chance for you to refinance to a great value loan and enjoy possible savings without compromising on loan flexibility. Let’s face it, when it comes to refinancing your home loan there are a lot of numbers that count – like how much you can borrow and the rate you’ll pay. The number you don’t need is the one a big lender uses to label you.

Call us on 1300 861 143 so we can get you “Up Close and Personal” with your new home loan lender today!


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