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Swimming Pool Fence Compliance

From 1 December 2015 all Queensland swimming pools must meet the safety standards prescribed by the Queensland Pool Safety Laws (Building Act 1975, Building Regulation 2006 and the Queensland Development Code).

The Queensland Pool Safety Laws were introduced in 2010 requiring Queensland pools to meet the applicable safety standards by 30 November 2015 (or earlier if selling or leasing a property with a pool before this date). Pools situated in, or used by, occupants of hotels, motels, resorts, unit complexes and the like should already comply with the Queensland Pool Safety Laws as the “grace period” for such pools expired some time ago.

From 1 December 2015 local councils will start enforcing the Queensland Pool Safety Laws. Owners of non-compliant pools will face substantial fines.

Pool owners who are unsure if their pool is compliant with the Queensland Pool Safety Laws should seek advice from a qualified pool safety inspector. A checklist is also available on the Queensland Building Construction Commission’s website which details the requirements that must be met by pool owners before their pool will comply.

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