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Are you getting the best from your investment property?

The following is a guide to understand whether you're getting the most from your investment property.

Is it time to review your rental return?

Always make sure that you’re getting the best rental return possible. Do your research on other property rental prices in the area and talk to your property manager about a reasonable increase in rent if the lease on your property is due for renewal.

Are you maximizing the equity on your property?

It’s no secret that Australian property prices have been on the rise now for some time, particularly around our major capital cities of Melbourne and Sydney. We are now seeing green shoots of growth in our region. Now is a good time to assess how much equity you have on your property. You can speak to us about using your increased equity to further grow your assets.

Can you add value to your property?

There’s plenty of cost-effective ways to add value to your rental property which may consequently enable you to increase the rental price. Anything from a fresh coat of paint throughout to a kitchen or bathroom revamp are great ways to add value to a property.

Is your loan structure working for you?

Having the right loan for your investment property can play a vital role in how well your property performs. It’s a good idea to seek expert advice about your existing loan arrangement and the many potential options to ensure you are getting the most from your investment property.

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