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Critical Illness: Lucas's story

Critical Illness, cancer $50,000

Who is Lucas?

Lucas is nine and lives at home with his mum and dad, Emma and Patrick.

What happened to Lucas?

After a battery of harrowing tests, Lucas was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. While Pat and Emma both earn good incomes, they weren’t prepared for the cost of Lucas’s treatment. And given they weren’t going to stop at anything to provide Lucas with the best treatment available, the costs began to really mount. Thankfully, under Emma’s Critical Illness policy with TAL, Lucas also had Critical Illness cover. TAL paid Emma and Patrick a lump sum which helped fund Lucas’s treatment with the top oncologists in the country.

Where is Lucas now?

Following a series of treatments including radiotherapy, an operation and chemotherapy, Lucas has now made a full recovery.

“There was no way we would have chosen anything but the best treatment for Lucas. Unfortunately ‘the best’ costs a lot of money. We are so grateful for our TAL policy – that lump sum payment meant that we could access premium treatment options for Lucas.”

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