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The Value Advice Adds.....

We are always very happy to see the positive reactions of our clients when participating in our review process where we see investment performance exceeded. How do we do it?

We believe we have the opportunity to meaningfully improve outcomes. The value of good financial advice is much broader than investment selection, with tangible strategies that define a unique and valuable proposition.

Our approach:

Asset allocation

Asset allocation and diversification are the most powerful tools we have to help our clients achieve their financial goals and manage investment risk.


Investments produce various returns over time and a portfolio will drift from its target allocation. We value add by ensuring the portfolio's risk/return characteristics stay consistent with our client's preferences and lock in gains and narrow the opportunities for gains to be lost due to under performance.


As investing evokes emotion, we help our clients maintain a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach. Abandoning a planned investment strategy can ultimately be costly with opportunites being missed.


We believe that low costs are not always associated with better investment performance, but costs are a critical component of the investment process. There is no point in paying more when you can get the same result for less.


We insist that our clients maintain a broadly diversified portfolio and follow a total-return approach that considers both components of total return: income plus capital appreciation. The potential advantage of this approach include less risk and better portfolio performance.


We help our client formulate a strategy to ensure their clients are making the most of tax-advantaged opportunities.

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