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February is Heart Research Month

February is Heart Research Month, where all Australians are reminded and encouraged to make heart health a priority, and help raise funds for life-saving research.

Heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer. In 2009 it was estimated that there were 131 heart attacks every day, which is one every 11 minutes, of which 125 of these resulted in death that year.

There are four simple steps everyone can live by to improve heart health. They are the ‘4 Ms’:

  • Move - the benefits of exercise are endless. Apart from fitness, flexibility, improved brain function, lower blood pressure and reduced muscle wastage, it also helps encourage independence and good health later in life.

  • Meals – know what effect certain fats have on you, how the body metabolises foods, the impact this has on weight, diabetes etc. Improved nutritional knowledge truly leads to improved health.

  • Measurements – get to know your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight, sugar levels, waist circumference and exercise capacity.

  • Mental approach - Your state of mind can protect as well as damage your heart health. Stress, anger and depression can be as detrimental to your heart as high cholesterol levels.

Whilst the old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ rings as true as ever here, it is also important to ensure you have insurance in the event heart disease does affect your lives. Unfortunately, chances are that this may happen, with almost 70% of Australian families being affected by cardiovascular disease.

Trauma cover can pay a lump sum to help with medical costs and other financial needs if you suffer a heart disorder, as well as covering a large number of other trauma conditions. This will help you maintain your lifestyle and lessen financial hardship. Trauma Cover can be purchased on its own, or with Life cover and/or TPD Cover.

Friday 6 February 2015 is National Wear Red Day, so wear red this Friday to show your support to this important cause. For more information on how you can be involved throughout February, visit

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