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The Key to Financial Success

Without a sound financial game plan you can never be sure whether you're making the most of your hard earned income or accumulated capital and assets.

"Success in anything in life is not a random act but a series of calculated steps"

How can you tell whether you'd be better off investing in a unit trust, shares, superannuation or a negatively geared property? Is it more worth while to pay off some loans or invest that inhertiance? Should you borrow to invest? Should I be reinvesting more money back into my business or divest my interests? These are just some of the questions that we can help with.

Avoid expensive mistakes: Many make financial decisions influenced by their emotions. Let's face it, money can be a very emotional issue. We can provide comprehensive advice that focues on and encourages successful financial behaviour without emotional ties when and where you need it.

Make your money work harder: Recommending solutions to take advantage of tax concessions or investment options that have a higher return potential for your risk comfort level, means your money should grow more efficiently in the future and you can sleep at night.

Auditing your money flows can be a game changer: A realistic understanding of your money flows is a prerequisite for ensuring your immediate needs can be serviced, as well as establishing the groundwork for meeting future needs. You aren't going to survive too long if you are not living within your accepted parameters.

Don't leave your finances to chance: We all could do with a little help in mapping out a route to guide us to our destination. With something as important as your financial future at stake, it's not worth taking the rish of trying to fumble your way through it all.

Direction and Control: Can you imagine jumping into a car in a strange city to drive across town to a street and suburb you've never been to before without a map or GPS? How would you know if you were heading in the right direction? Financial Advice we provide gives you the road map. We can design a personalised plan detailing your current position and recommend solutions to reach your goals.

Reach your goals with a Coach: How to reduce debt and start a wealth creation plan are two key components to your financial strategy. All team enjoys the benefits and successes by working with their coach.

A comfortable Retirement: We can help you work out the amount of money you'll need to accumulate over the years to provide you with enough income to afford the standard of living you want in retirement. They'll also help you maximise your retirement savings by taking into consideration the current social security and tax laws.

Protect you and your most precious assets: Protecting your assets and goals for you and your child through the use of insurance products, such as income protection, should form the solid foundation and is an integral part of your financial plan.

Estate considerations won't be overlooked: A comprehensive financial plan will include provisions for effectively managing your estate should you die or become incapacitated and can no longer make the necessary decisions regarding your investments.

Regular wealth check-ups: Remember your circumstances will change, buying a new house, having children, children's education, redundancy, a career change, retirement and getting an inheritance all have an effect on both your lifestyle and financial situation. These events may also require changes to your investment strategies and goals and wealth protection needs. Even the simple fact of aging changes you plans where long-term plans soon become medium-term; medium-term plans soon become short term.

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